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ADP5052 : Max Input for Channel 5 LDO Regulator


We have a own designed board of ADP5052 where PVIN1, PVIN2, PVIN3, PVIN4 & PVIN5 is shorted, although our Input voltage is 5V

Now I want to increase my input voltage to 8V to get 5V outputs from CH1 & CH 2

Since specified Input voltage of 4 Buck regulators is 4.5V to 15V however Input voltage of 1 LDO regulator is 1.7V to 5.5V

Please help me to understand, what happen if i feed 8V input voltage to my board,

a) is LDO regulator will damaged with high input than specified, or else complete chip will fail ?

b) If we not used Ch5 LDO regulator output only ch1 and ch2 outputs required  then we can feed 8V of input pins of ADP5052 i.e. 8V can be applied across input pins of Ch5 LDO regulator?