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LT4416 - Single fault protection

Hello together,

we use the LTC4416 in our system to make an automatic switchover from one power source to another. As we want to have the primary supply path as master, we don't want to switch the V_BAT to Vs, when Vsys<VBat. The VSys should decide, when we want to restore. Here the schematics:

Now we need to put in a single fault protection to the system. This has to be done for the following case:

V_BAT active (VSys < 5.793V) --> V29 and V41 are closed, power on VS from V_Bat.

If we have a look on a the single fault, that V27 is shorted, Vsys could be on Vsys as well --> Power from VSYS on VBAT --> Battery is in a critical state.

We thought about to build in two extra MOSFETs, which are controlled by H1 and H2 to block each others' path.

Did anyone has experience with this?

Thanks a lot