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ADP5091 question about operation of DIS_SW


I have built a prototype design using ADP5091. I have connected both REG_D0 and REG_D1 to PGOOD so REG_OUT is always available when a battery is present. I have DIS_SW connected to my microcontroller, and I monitor current in/out of the battery. I am using a solar cell as energy source.

In the datasheet it says that DIS_SW disables the boost switching, which I interpret to mean that no switching will take place. However in my tests, when DIS_SW is low my battery charges from the solar cell as expected, but when DIS_SW is high, zero current flows in or out of the battery, but my microcontroller (powered by REG_OUT) is still active, so it must be powered by the solar cell.

My question is, does REG_D0 override DIS_SW? So if REG_D0 is high, then DIS_SW prevents the boost regulator from charging the battery, but still allows it to switch to supply REG_OUT?

Thanks in advance!

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