LTC7871 or similar: Higher voltages

Is there anything similar to the LTC7871/72 that can handle higher Vhigh voltages? I am trying to find a solution to boost the Vhigh voltage to about 120V.

  • Hello Diesel,

    The LTC7871/2 could be used for a 120V boost. However, these requirements should be met:

    • VHIGH pin of the LTC7871/2 needs to be connected to a supply voltage less than 100V. Keep the voltage on VHIGH or EXTVCC low enough to avoid excessive power losses in the respective LDOs.
    • A three-state compatible gate driver with a SW rating equal to or greater than 120V * 1.2 should be used where 1.2 is a safety factor. We do not have a three-state compatible gate driver with a sufficient rating at the moment.

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