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LT8392 paralleled mode questions

Hi ADIExpert

I have few questions about the LT8392 paralleled mode

1. from the datasheet of LT8392, the CTRL  threshold pin for external current limit setting is 0.25V instead of 0.3V as LT8390

on the other hand, the default offset of ISMON is 0.2~0.3, typ 0.25V when V(isp-isn)=0mv

so is it normal that when in paralleled mode without any loading, the below two scenario can both happen because of the tolerance of ISMON offset?

A . the master LT8392 is off (because salve voltage is set about 10% higher than master's )and the Vout voltage is determined by the FB network of salve LT8392

B, THe Master LT8392 dominates the output voltage by its feedback network , slave LT8392 is off

2. if the Q1 answer are yes, Can I always force master to operate in light load mode?

3. is there any reference schematic for LT8392 paralleled operation?

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