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INTVCC_UVLO value of LT8645S


I confirmed the INTVCC_UVLO from the block diagram.
But I can not confirmed value of INTVCC_UVLO.
Let me know if you know this value.

Best regards

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  • Hi,

    Thank you your quick reply.
    I confirmed that INTVCC voltage decrease and reach threshold of INTVCC UVLO during reverse voltage. I also confirmed INTVCC is return after UVLO. However It is continue several time.

    Since a large current flows through the body diode of the internal FET during the reverse voltage, it is thought that the cause is insufficient capacity to supply the FET driver from CVCC.

    It isn't frequently happen this reverse voltage. For example, blackout and Hotswap.
    I am considering this issue is occured as accumulated damage.

    Best regards