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IoT sensor MPPT 1W solar DC-DC converter and Lion charger

Hello guys, in the last few weeks I really searched everywhere looking for a suitable IC to put in my  IoT wireless sensor.

The sensor is absorbing peaks of 350mA at 3.3V (once every few hours). The system is powered by a solar panel of 1W with a Voc of about 5.5-6V and a Lion battery.

I would like to find a 1W (minimum) MPPT power converter able to charge a 18650 3.7v Lion battery (approx. 2000mAh) and to power the wireless sensor.

In order to do that would be great to have Power Path, but if it is not possible also putting the load in parallel with the battery would be ok.

A Buck-Boost or Buck topology would be good.

Something similar is the SPV1040 that has an awesome MPPT  perturb and observe algorithm, but it doesn't handle more then 5V5 input.

The only one I found that is close to this specs is the LT3652 but I would like to have a lower minimum Vin (4.95V).

Maybe also the LT3120 could be suitable but I did't find anyone using it for solar applications.

Added another suitable converter for the applcation
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