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ideal diode + hot swap questions (dynamic additional/removal of input voltages)

Hello, I am working on a design where we have redundant battery inputs that can come and go as the battery packs for either input are removed and replaced. The dual ideal diode + hot swap controller solutions such as the LTC4227 seem to be appropriate for this. I know that inrush current is controlled when starting up from an unpowered state but I want to verify that adding and removing input supplies after powerup does not cause a problem.  For example, I have concerns about inrush control for the scenario where the FETs are turned on with battery input #1 present at 6V and then battery pack #2 is inserted at 8V. Will the controller smoothly transition to input #2 without going into fault mode due to the input voltage difference?

Scenarios of interest:

1. System not powered, input voltage #1 is applied --> standard hot swap powerup (ok)

2. Input voltage #1 (6V) present, input voltage #2 (8V) is applied --> does controller limit current from voltage difference or does it go into fault mode?

3. Input voltage #1 (6V) and #2 (8V) present, input #2 is removed --> in this case I assume that the controller blocks current until the output voltage drops to 6V and then smoothly turns on the FETs

Thanks for any feedback  -Jason

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