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LT8056 Warning on LTpowerCADII when Vout = Vin

I would like to use LTM8056 uModule in order to realize a DCDC converter to generate a +28V from a a +28V nominal (Vin = Vout).

When I try to simulate the uModule on LTpowerCADII with Vin=Vout= 28V appears an alert on the Inductor ripple current (iL Ripple %) (see the attached picture); however in the datasheet of the component there are no warning respect the values of Vin and Vout (i. e. Vout can assume the value of Vin).

I would like to konw if this is a bug of the tool LTpowerCAD or an issue of the LTM8056.

Thanks you.

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