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LT3748 output voltage drop.. cant figure out why

Evening everyone,

I'm seeing some issues with the LT3748. Here is the schematic of mine:

This is the transformer:

At the output of this I have the following two circuits connected:

If I have either the 5V or 10V LDO connected to the lt3748, the output of the flyback converter is fine.. I get 12V at the output of the flyback and either 5V or 10V at the output of the LDO.

When I have both of these LDO's on the board, the flybacks output voltage drops to about 2V. The gate previously had a switching frequency with a relative high frequency, now that both are connected and the output voltage has dropped, the pulse train to the MOSFETs gate has a very low frequency.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? I thought maybe over current but I cant imagine it being that. I even swapped the 8m ohm resistor with a 2m ohm to double check and nothing changed. The LDO's aren't driving anything( their outputs aren't connected to anything).

What am I doing wrong?

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