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DC2595A (LTC3889) on LTSketchbook library


I'd need to automate some tuning on DC2595A (LTC3889) board so in this case the LTPowerPlay is not a good solution. The Application Note AN170 suggests it can be done using the Linduino library, more precisely the LTSketchbook for the right device. Digging into the LTSketchbook->Part Number->3000 I couldn't find the LTC3889 part.

Could someone provide this driver?

If not, how difficult is to adapt the existing LTC3887 part? Should I have any special consideration?

thanks in advance,

  • The LTC3887 command set is almost the same as the LTC3889, and for what is in the sketch, probably exactly the same. A couple of things to note, if you intend to change the PWM settings, you have to use the OPERATION command to turn off the outputs before you can change them. You can also use the webtool at to learn how to format commands. LTPP also has a similar feature, but because you may not use LTPP, this is an alternative tool.