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LT8570 datasheet equations

Hello, I am designing an inverting boost converter with the LT8570 and created a spreadsheet using the equations on page 24 to calculate max output current.  I set up the inputs to match the circuit diagram shown on that page, but my calculations for output current do not match those under "Vout" in the circuit diagram.  I tried again from scratch using the boost configuration on page 22 but my output currents still didn't match those from the schematic.  I tried again using the LT8580 datasheet inverting and boost configurations and still don't get a match.  Ditto for the two LM8580 eval boards.

Has anyone gone through the output current equations and successfully verified the currents shown in the circuit diagrams?  My answers are always in the ballpark, but they are off by up to 200 percent, depending on the input voltage.

The attached spreadsheet shows my calculations for the LT8570 in the inverting configuration using the parameters listed with the equations on datasheet page 24.

Thanks for any suggestions,