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(Active Rectifier Controller)How to chose FET.


I have a question about an "Active Rectifier Controller" such as the LT8672.
I think it depends on the device, but I think it regulates the VDS to 20 mV or 30 mV when the current flows.
I think that the regulation itself is controlled by VGS, but I think that no matter how much the gate voltage is driven, a drop of the on-resistance of the FET will occur.
This is also stated in the data sheet, and I don't think there is any particular problem.

On the other hand, when using these Active Rectifier Controllers, if we want to maintain the regulation voltage even at the maximum value of the assumed current load, you we to select one with a sufficiently low on-resistance.
For example, if we choose a 6mΩ FET and the regulation voltage of the ideal diode controller is 30mV, we can use up to 5A.
Conversely, if we want to drive up to 10A within the regulation range, I think we need to choose a FET that does not have 3mΩ.
Is my understanding correct?

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