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Low noise power supply with LT1021

Hi everyone,

I can't find online documentation how to design a low noise dual +15V-15V 1A (or more) power supply using the LT1021 device.

Could someone kindly indicate where to orient me to find a design tool or publications on pdf to study?

Thank you all for your support and response.

- Enrico

  • Hi Enrico,

    LT1021 is at maximum has a 10V output voltage.

    For Circuits boosting currents, you could follow this

    Maximum current capacity will depend on the transistor.

    For Bipolar Output we normally do this setup

    But using this for LT1021 will only achieve +10 and -10V.



  • Dear Mon,
    thank you very much for your reply, I appreciate.
    In the meantime I found the LT3045 which is a low noise LDO and allows through two resistors to choose the output voltage, good for me. I saw that adding more LT3045 in parallel lower the noise and boosts the output current but also double, triple etc. the cost of the circuit (a single 3045 costs around 7 Euros + shipping).
    Could you kindly suggest me a schematic with a power transistor or mosfet at the output of the LT3045 to boost the current to at least 2A? You know, the cost of a power transistor is less than paralleling four LT3045.
    Thank you very much in advance for your kind reply.


  • HI Enrico,

    Transferred this question to this Q and A as they are more familiar with high current power supplies.



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