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IC for disconnecting the load from the power supply during overcurrent


I need help selecting IC. 

I have a load that can fail and put the device into emergency mode.
Load: power supply 25 - 30 V;
The consumption current impulse when it is turned on is up to 1.8 A, with a duration of about 100 ms;
Consumption current in normal mode 0.9 - 1.1 A;
Emergency current from 2 A to 8 A - depending on the type of fault.

I need a microcircuit that would:
    disconnected the load from the power supply in emergency mode and without automatic resumption of power supply to the load;
    an internal power transistor is desirable (but not required);
    it was switched on by an external logic signal "0" - "1";
    the microcircuit would require a minimum value of the current sensor resistor;

Is the LTC4368 suitable for this purpose? how to set up overcurrent?

Best regards,


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