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About problem of LTC4267-3

Could you tell me about connection of PWRPD of LTC4267-3.
Customer has made board nearly to non opto design of DC1249A.

DC1249 and customer board is difference that Customer has used pull up 10kΩ resistance between PWRPG and PVcc and D8 is 7.5V zener diode. And Then they couldn't move board when it is low input voltage(45V).

We predict that the resistance connected between PWRGD and PVcc may cause the PVcc voltage to drop, causing it to fall below the PVcc UVLO threshold and not operate.
We have confirmed that it works when PWRGD is opened by actually following the data sheet.

If the above recognition is correct, is the measure to open PWRGD correct?
In addition, Last page of the data sheet is wrote 100KΩ , but is there any reason why 10K Ω is inconvenient?

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