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LTC3376 Vin is 12V,can Vout be 1.1V?

I'm planning to use the power supply LTC3376.Can you tell me if the Vin is 12V,can the Vout be as low as 1.1V?

  • Hello,

    1. Dutyccyle with your configuration is approx: 1.1V/12V = 9.2%

    2. Minimum on-time according to datasheet is 53ns(typ) 85ns (worst case)

    3. 1MHz switching frequency has a period of 1us. 9.2% of 1us is 92ns . So, this will work. Do the math for higher frequencies like 2MHz and you will see, that this won't work as the LTC3376 has to skip cycles to maintain stable vout. Hence the circuit will work, but the switching frequency will not be stable (which is normally desired)

    Please read the datasheet to check other important design facts as well.