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LT3080 Power Supply Rejection Ratio

I tried to replicate all the the characterization of the PSRR in an LT3080 but I have very different result from the datasheet and simulation

Here is what the data sheet suggest 

This is the circuit that I used to bias and the circuit

This is the simulated response that I got

However, this is the measurement I obtained

  • I show the circuit I would use for a quick LT3080 PSRR measurement in the image below.  I also uploaded the LTspice file in case it is helpful but as I note on the schematic, PSRR cannot be reliably extracted from the LT3080 LTspice model.  Application Note AN-159 shows how to construct a real ripple generator that is necessary for test frequencies higher than the capabilities of this circuit.

    sim ckt_1.png3080 3081_1.asc