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Request ADI recommended Part for replacing Intel EM2140P01QI


My customer used Intel EM2140P01QI for FPGA VCCINT.

And as you know, this intel device will be EOL, so they need a replacement solution.

Their requests about replacement solution of EM2140P01QI are below.

  1. Purpose : FPGA VCCINT
  2. Load Regulation :  Under 1mV/A 
  3. Intput Voltage : Don’t Care
  4. Output Voltage :  Under 1.2V 
  5. Output Current : Over 30A 
  6. Pacakgea : Dont’’t Care

Q1) Would you recommend ADI solution for replacing Intel EM2140P01QI?

Please suggest appropriated part for replacing Intel EM2140P01QI device.

Q2) Below is a question about load regulation Values.

As your cross reference guide, LTM4678 / LTM4700 are recommended.

But I don't know whether Load regulation spec. of these devices can meet customer's request or not.

Customer requirement is a Under 1mV/A .

And ,in your LTM4678 & LTM4700datasheet, it has a 0.03% (Digital servo engaged) and 0.2% (Digital servo Disengaged).

Can above spec. about load regulation of LTM4678 & LTM4700 meet customer request (Under 1mV/A)?


Please let me know.