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Auto switching for LTC4413

Hi Team,

I am using LTC4413 in one of our projects.

I have 2 battery sources primary battery and secondary battery ranging from (2.7V to 4.2V).
I hope 2.6A is the maximum continuous load current through each MOSFET. If so what is the significance of Ioc?.
I want to drive a current of about 2A to the load through this IC.
I hope when both ENBA and ENBB are connected to the ground (a voltage less than 400mV VENBIL) the battery voltage with higher voltage will be fed to the output.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
I want my primary battery to power the load when it is in the range of 3V to 4.2V.
For that, I am planning to set a voltage divider from the primary battery to the ENBB pin such that the voltage at the ENBB pin will be higher than 600mV (VENBIH) so that the secondary battery is disabled and when my primary battery goes below 3V the value of the voltage divider will be lease than 400mV (VENBIL) so that battery with higher voltage will be fed to the load.

Is my configuration correct?.
Will it arise any issue?.
OUTA and OUTB will be shorted together.
Is there any other ideal diode power mux available with a higher current rating and similar voltage rating?.

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