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Problem using a LTC3260 to power an AD7124-8


I'm using a LTC3260 with a 5V input and ±1.8V output to give power to an AD7124-8. When I use a linear power supply with the pair LM317/LM337 there are no problem, but since I use the LTC3260 the values obtained from de ADC are erratic (it gives any value between both upper and lower limits). It seems to be noise from the LTC3206 but I can't find a special big noise. Any recommendation? The layout on th PCB of the LTC3260 part is very similar to the recommended at hte datasheet and the values of capacitors maybe a little higher (10uF replace all 1uF or 4.7uF marked at the datasheet) but all of less tha 1 uF are 10nF or 0.1 uF as in the datasheet. I placed a 10pF between ADJ- and LDO- and the Mode and RT pins are grounded. There is a less noisy IC for a better supply to a an ADC?