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Problem using a LTC3260 to power an AD7124-8


I'm using a LTC3260 with a 5V input and ±1.8V output to give power to an AD7124-8. When I use a linear power supply with the pair LM317/LM337 there are no problem, but since I use the LTC3260 the values obtained from de ADC are erratic (it gives any value between both upper and lower limits). It seems to be noise from the LTC3206 but I can't find a special big noise. Any recommendation? The layout on th PCB of the LTC3260 part is very similar to the recommended at hte datasheet and the values of capacitors maybe a little higher (10uF replace all 1uF or 4.7uF marked at the datasheet) but all of less tha 1 uF are 10nF or 0.1 uF as in the datasheet. I placed a 10pF between ADJ- and LDO- and the Mode and RT pins are grounded. There is a less noisy IC for a better supply to a an ADC?


  • Hi Suarez,

    Please share your application circuit file so we can review it properly.




  • Hi,

    Thanks for your answer. Here it is the circuit. Output is ±1.8V and input 5.0V supplied by the 3.3V to 5.0V DC/DC converter.

  • Please try with C26 set to 1uF. Just verifying, the LDO outputs do have 10uF caps on them as well?

    How close to the IC are all of the caps? 

    Is the ADJ pin resistor network close to the IC?


  • Hi,

    I've changed C26 to 1uF but there are no significant changes. The opposite plane of the PCB is GND. I do attach a picture that shows how close are the components and how is noise view on oscilloscope. X its1uS every mark and Y its 2 mV between marks so noise is 4.1 mVpp and a period of 2 uS (500 KHz). Noise is measured without any charge at outputs.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the pictures and info. One thing that is not as clear from the picture and the recommended layout below is the is the GNDing. It is essential that there is a good GND connections from CIN, COUT, and the LDO output capacitors. On the recommended layout there is a solid GND plane on layer two and plenty of GND vias to the IC EPAD to each capacitor. The capacitors should be as close to the part as possible and where possible the copper supplying the power to the caps should be as big as possible to reduce the inductance and resistance to the caps. The added impedance will create larger ripple on the output. In the picture the traces to the output caps look very thin and GND vias close to the caps are few. How is the GND connection under the IC?


  • Thanks for your answer. All the opposite layer is a ground plane, with a via in the center of the ground pad of the IC for a best contact between both sides of the PCB. It's certain that Vin, Vout, LDO+ and LDO- tracks are maybe too thin. Almost every via you can see at the PCB image is a GND connection between upper and lower GND planes. I will try making the tracks thicker. Do you think the noise is high enough to give problems to the ADC?