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LT1512 high current consumption

Good afternoon,

One of our circuits is based on the LT1512 and it is used to charge a 8.4V NiMH battery at 500mA maximum current.

LT1512 is managed by a microcontroller and input voltage comes from a solar panel. Once voltage is detected at the input, LT1512 is switched on and PWM 1% signal is delivered from microcontroller to start charging at a low rate. The problem is that, at this starting point, required current is more than 250mA (charging current should be about 5mA), and this is making almost impossible to charge the battery from solar panel (as it can not give such current consumption).

Is this the way the LT1512 should work?

Which do you think is the problem?

Please, find attached the current schematic: R78 is 0R2, that determines maximum charging current.

Best regards,