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LTpowerCAD II v2.7.1 Excel Design Tool does not open

Good day,

I can't get the Excel design tool to open. It gives the error message as shown in the attached picture.

I had issues getting the LTpowerCAD Design Tool itself to open, but resolved this by manually installing SQL server compact 3.5.
I have sync'd the release.
Using Windows 10 21H1 (OS build 19043.1110)

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi  and ,

    Thanks for the feedback and for sending the design file. I can indeed open the document and edit the blue cells without any issues.
    Perhaps a helpful note is that I use LibreOffice (Calc in this case) and that I do not have Microsoft Office installed. 

  • Hi firefire,

    Thanks for the confirmation. One of the known causes for this error is due to Microsoft Excel (or Microsoft Office) not installed on the device. LTpowerCAD is looking for MS Excel to be able to launch the Excel design tool. To avoid further inconvenience, it is recommended to have MS Excel installed. FYI the Excel design tools can be found in the installation directory C:\Program Files (x86)\LTC\LTpowerCAD2\LTCLib\XLS