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Request the review of LTC7821 simulation


My customer use LTC7821 for using parallel connection and want to do a simulation with LTSPice.

But as LTC7821 symbol in LTSpice doesn't support Phase shift, they don't know right simulation on  their LTSpicetool.

So they request your confirm about their simulation file.

1. 48V Vin, 9V Vout, 40A Iout (total) 

Would you check attached LTC7821 simulation file and let me know your opinions?

If you have any idea for upgrading their simulation file, please let me know.



LTC7821(48V to 9V, x2 40A).asc

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  • Dear Fil,

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    This question is related to Phase shift  and it means they will implement current sharing function.

    Unfortunately LTSpice mode of LTC7821 & LTC7820 doesn't support this phase shift function.

    So my customer ask the review of simulation file to ADI.

    And sorry for your confusion.

    Their condition is Vin is 48V, Vout is 9V and Iout is 40A.