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Design review-ADP5070-5V to P&N12V

Hi ADI team,

Please help review our 5V to P/N12V power design base on ADP5070, Thanks!

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  • Hello Xing,

    The positive rail can accommodate the 200mA output load but it seems that the negative rail will enter current limit protection. At 200mA output load, the average inductor current for the inverting channel will be greater than the current limit of the switch, which is 0.6A, and will go higher if we add the inductor ripple current.  Please refer to the equation below for verification.

    I suggest you use the ADP5071 which has a higher current limit for the inverting channel. Also, you can use the Excel Design Tool for convenience. Below is the download link of the design tool for ADP5070/ADP5071.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks

    Best Regards,


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