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ADP5054 compensation network ,lt space

Hi team,

1)We are using ADP5054 for ADRV. After output filter "feed-through cap" or Ferrite bead, which is better?

2)Do you have ADP5054 LT space simulation file?

3)Is there any maximum limit on the compensation network resistor?. I have got Rc 35K for 1.8V (output cap= 47uf X2 +10uf and after ferrite bead 47uf x2 )

  • Hi,

    1) They are both ok but you need check the efficiency loss. Ferrite bead should be better than feed-through cap for high current load.

    2) There should be ADP5054 simulation file in LTspice but they're separate channel rather in the a whole chip.

    3) Not sure your switching frequency. You can try 15kohm for 600kHz. If the Rc is too large, the cross over frequency would be too large and the channel may be not stable.