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Is the LTM4655 available on LTpowerCAD?

Dear Analog Devices,

I am having trouble opening a simulation for the LTM4655 uModule regulator in LTpowerCAD.

I open the LTpowerCAD II Design Tool (v2.7.1) and of course do a "quick" 'Sync/Release' to your database first. I then open 'Supply Design' and look for the LTM4655. It finds the part but both the 'LTpowerCAD II Design Tools Only' and the 'Excel Design Tool Only' are greyed out (as shown in the screenshot below) meaning they are unavailable for simulation.

This is strange because the LTM4655 datasheet is explicit in stating that the LTpowerCAD tool is available for this part (as shown in the screenshot below) and in fact the entire design procedure hinges on the user doing simulations for the LTM4655 with LTpowerCAD.

Also, on the AD webpage for the LTM4655 it is again explicitly stated that the LTpowerCAD tool is available for the LTM4655 in several configurations (screenshot below):

So I am left with conclusion that I am doing something very, very, wrong because for the life of me I can't start a LTpowerCAD simulation for the LTM4655.

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you,


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  • Ok, that's what I though.

    I understand about the datasheet - you don't want to publish a new Rev when LTpowerCad is up and running for this part - and that's OK.

    But what about the AD website? It costs nothing to write in that Linear is currently verifying the LTpowerCad simulations for this part and the webpage will be updated when the simulation exists. Trust me, your customers will not think the less of you and might in fact appreciate the honestly.

    That said, any idea when the simulations will be available?