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how to adjust output voltage of LTC3421

Dear experts,

I have some questions about LTC3421 boost up DC/DC.
Could you please give me any advice?

1. How to adjust output voltage
I think I should calculate with two resistors connected FB pin to adjust output voltage, but I couldn't find formula to calculate output voltage in the datasheet of LTC3421.

2. Absolute maximum value of NMOS current and PD
I also would like to know absolute maximum of NMOS current and power dissipation.
How can I know the limit of switch current in my application?

Here is specification of my application.
VIN min : 1.2V
VIN max : 3.0V
VOUT : 4.5V(or 5V)
IOUT max : 500mA

I've confirmed by simulation of LT Spice that 5V/500mA output from 1.2V Input will steady. but in that situation, Input current is about 3.2A.

Thank you in advance for your help.

HATTORI, Tsutomu