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ADP5071 - Design tool - Runtime error 5


I have designed a power supply with the ADP5071 which works pretty good. Initial design is for 12V input, +/- 6V output. With LDO I have a very nice +/- 5V PSU. I managed to use the ADP5071 spreadsheet to calculate the design which was perfect. I have now tried to re-calculate do generate +/-13V. Unfortunately, I get always an error "Runttime error '5'" when I run the calculation. In fact the results seem no correct if I do a manual calculation for some components. I have tried almos everything with regards to security and langaue setting in Excel. I believe that the design tool has an issue with Office 365 and/or Windows 10.

Any Ideas ho to get is solved?

Thank you


  • Hi Andy,

    I am currently using the design tool, and I have no problem using it with your input and output parameters (both +/-6V and +/-13V output). Can I know what are your other design parameters with 12Vin and +/-13V output?

    I'm currently using Windows 10 and Office 365 for the excel.

  • Hello Dave

    thank you for your answer. I'm in Switzerland, therefore I had to change my settings to English (US) but I still could not get the Speadsheet to work. 

    What I try to design is the following:

    Input voltage range: +9V ... +12V

    Output: +/- 13V, 330mA

    Switching Frequency: 1.2MHz or 2.4MHz (depending what the tool returns for the inductors)

    With L/C filter at the output (second stage filter)

    Vout Ripple: 0.6%

    Design Criteria: Most Efficient

    Thank you for your suppport!

    Best regards


  • Hi Andy,

    Attached here is the Design tool with input parameters you have provided.

    Please let me know if you can change the individual components (inductors, output cap, etc.)



  • Hello Dave

    thank you for your support. I can open the file but not modify anything. As soon as I want to change a component or a design parameter, I get the run time error 5 message. I assume the problem is either related to the security seetings or to the language/region settings. Maybe I will install a computer with a US Windows 10 version and try to run it on such a machine.  

    Thank you and best regards


  • Hello Dave

    I changed the region and language of my computer to English/US. There is still some strange behaviour when inputing the output current (issue with comma resp. point for decimal) but the calculation works.

    Thank you again and best regards


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