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LTM4601 faulty chip debug procedure

We have used LTM4601 in our design for different voltage conversions. Recently we are facing issues with the newly assembled boards as these chips are not generating output voltages. We tried to identify the issue from different angles. First, we suspected the Assembling and tried assembling on another card, but the issue continued. Is there any way we can identify if the chips are faulty? Kindly share with us if there is any debugging procedure.
We purchased these components from Digikey. We never faced any problem with these ICs in the past on the same PCB.

  • Hi pcbtechenquiry,

    Sorry for late reply and hope you have solved the problem. It is not easy to debug issues in forum. I would recommend that you connect to local ADI FAE to help you. Else, please send me private message and provide more details of issue like performance and waveforms comparison between good and bad boards. Can you share what is project into and estimate annual usage too?