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ADP5090 Energy Storage Element Parameters

Hi team, 

Want to clarify  if the cold start power in requirement calculations of 33mW is accurate (based on ADP5090 calculation).

Is Capacitance requested is 12mF for this application? 

State V_sys_load (V) I_sys_load(mA) Period (s) V_batt (V) V_sys_bat_term (V) Converter Efficiency (%) Cin (mF)
Sleep 3.300 0.008 30.000 3.300 2.000 100.000 10.914
TX 3.300 4.000 0.010 3.300 2.000 100.000 1.819
Boot 3.300 1.230 0.200 3.300 2.000 100.000 11.187

Add on Energy Harvester Element Parameters table.
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  • Hi Kevin,

    ADP5091 EVK received and tested. 
    Customer's end product is Beacon. 

    1) The solar cell used can produce about an open circuit voltage of 0.62V and short cicrcuit current of 55uA at lighting condition of 300lux.This is sufficient to provide net positive charge to a beacon under normal operation.

    2) The minimum battery voltage required before turning on the Beacon is 3.1V.
    Once battery voltage falls below this value, it is not able to boot the Beacon even with sufficient input voltage.

    3) PGood voltage must be changed from 2.6V to 3.1V

    4) 820uF super cap is able to hold charge for beacon to operate for approximately 20sec.

    Problem: - 

    During normal operations, the beacon has net positive energy given certain parameters. However, during Beacon boot, the current surge or cold start is not able to provide sufficient energy if the voltage of the battery is below 3.1V.

    Any suggestion?