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LTC4001 Battery Leakage Current


How much leakage current flows from the battery to the LTC4001 when no Vin condition?



  • Hello,

    taking my knowledge/interpretation just from the ds:

    Part is switched off when no VIN is present, current consumption should be less than 50uA in this scenario:

    This conclusion might fall short if current draw from Vout is completely different than from Vin. But I don't know internals of the LTC4001.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I'm asking about the leakage current from the battery when /EN is Low and Vin is disconnected (Vin=OPEN).

    I understand that the above is the current at shutdown with /EN is High.

    My condition is that there is no Vin and that causes LTC4011 stop working completely. So the leakage current form 

    the battery to BAT and BATSENS pins of LTC4011 will be zero (0A), or it will be a few uA?



  • Hello,

    as I do not know the internals I have no clue if there are leakage paths inside the IC when BAT pin is held high, sorry.

  • Hi Kazu,

    Unfortunately, we don't have datasheet numbers & best we could do was measure a board on the bench.

     With a 4.1V supply between -BAT and +BAT terminals and removing the 5V supply from PVIN and GND, measured about 3.2uA on the BAT terminal which goes to BAT and BATSENS pins. When 5V was applied to PVIN and a 4.1V supply was placed on the +Bat to -BAT terminals, then /EN was set to PVIN, measured about 1.7uA on the BAT terminal.

     Sorry, we do not have any min/max numbers.