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LTC7151s output short circuit protection

Hi all,

I can not find enough information about the output short-circuit protection function in the LTC7151s datasheet.

Could you let me know how the device protects itself when the output is shorted?

It seems that there is no thermal shutdown and no foldback function.

Best regards,



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  • Hi Fil,

    Thank you very much!

    Does the OTP shutdown IC or just limit power dissipation?

    and about the OCP, that means the device will limit the output current?  or there is a frequency foldback function?

    That will help me if you can give me some detailed information.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi QYQ,

    Thermal shutdown: If the junction temperature reaches approximately 175°C, both power switches will be turned off until the temperature returns to 165°C.

    OCP: When the current limit is reached, the output begins to fall, resulting in decreased on-time of the top power MOSFET. If the short is prolonged enough for the on-time to reach its minimum, the off-time will lengthen, lowering the switching frequency and preventing excess current from being drawn from VIN.