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ADP1850, ADP1877 and ADP1829 - key differences

ADP1850, ADP1877 and ADP1829 are all dual channel buck regulator controllers. What are some of the key differences between these three?

  • Here are the key differences:

    1)  1) ADP1850 can be used in 2 phase mode for high current (50A) – ADP1829 or ADP1877 cannot do this.

    2)  2) ADP1850 and ADP1877 have power saving mode at light loads – ADP1829 does not have this feature

    3)  3) Free running switching frequency on ADP1850 and ADP1877 can be set with a resistor between 200kHz to 1.5MHz (anywhere in between). ADP1829 only has two free running frequency settings – 300kHz and 600kHz, although it can be synchronized to any clock up to 1.2MHz

    4)  4) Boost diode for the high-side drive is integrated into ADP1850 and ADP1877

    5)  5) Vin can be as low as 2.75V on ADP1850 and ADP1877. ADP1829 goes down to 3.0V

    6)  6) ADP1877 is rated for Vin(max) of 14.5V whereas ADP1850 is rated for 20V

    8)  7) ADP1829 is a voltage mode control architecture, whereas ADP1850 and 1877 use the current mode (fewer compensation components).