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I am using LT3080 im my design to supply voltage to the sensor, the recommend is one 100μF bulk capacitor at the
regulator side for the sensor.



Iout = 300mA

When I change the capacitor output from 2.2uF to 100uF in the simulation the output voltage change from 3.3V to 600mV.,

In data sheet the Minimum Ceramic Output Capacitor is 2.2uF, 100uF capacitor is not recommended? 


  • Can you attach here your simulation file? Try to increase your simulation time and check the results.

    According to the recommend circuit on page 17 of the datasheet, you can have a 100uF on the output of your LDO. The schematic given there is for 6Vin to 3.3Vout, 5A output. Thank you. 


    Fritz Gonzales