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SEPIC current control

I have a SEPIC converter application design similar to "LT3759".  I would like to generate a 24V  "fold back" current control with a devices similar to  "LT3759" and "LTC6102".
The problem with  "LTC6102HV" hides in the current sense line input pins. If the device is powered with an independent 24V supply, the sense lines can not go to  zero volts (short circuit). (See absolute maximum) specifications.  

Is there a Linear Device (similar to  "LTC6102HV") that can be powered from an independent power source (12V?) and allow safe operation during short circuit operation?

Conceptually Linear technology has a BUCK converter   "LTC3895" that has elegant current control that allows short circuit operation that I would like to implement with a SEPIC type converter.