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Recommended LTM8024 frequency in use case and VIN2 connection

  Could you, please, provide me the answers to some questions regarding LTM8024?
  Here are the conditions at which I want to use it:
VIN1=12V car battery
VOUT1=3.3V @3A max average
VOUT2=1.2V @1A max average
BIAS connected to AUX1=3.3V
1. Would it be on the edge if I connect VIN2 to VOUT1 or it would work? What would be your recommendation regarding the connection in this case?
2. What would be the recommended value for RT (or switching frequency) and is it the same if:
      a) VIN2=VIN
      b) VIN2=VOUT1?
3. Would VOUT1 one have a start-up issues if the load input capacitance is ~270uF in addition to the Buck Cout recommended in the datasheet (VOUT2 would be disabled during this period by the means of RUN2 pin)?
  Thank you in advance!
  Best regards