Precision negative voltage reference


In my project, which is a precision DAC source based on the AD5791 DAC, i needed +10V and -10V precision references. the +10V precision reference was generated using the ADR01 precision reference part, and i used an application circuit given in the ADR01 data sheet, to generate -10V using the ADR01 itself. But the -10V reference part didn't function, and when I contacted AD i learned that the particular application circuit had become obsolete and had been removed from the further revisions of the data sheet. Luckily for me, I also had a back-up circuitry  to generate -10V reference, but still it is no where near as good as the +10V reference , as far as the noise is concerned.+10V reference is extremely clean. What my doubt is, are there any precision -10V reference parts available, I searched the product list, but couldn't find any. Or is there any alternate way by which I can design a very good -10V reference almost matching the +10V reference?

Please find attached the application circuit(now obsolete) that had been there in the ADR01 datasheet