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ADP8866 - change brightness level of BL during fade-out transition


I am implementing kind of "watch dog" for end user - I want LEDs used as UI to turn off autonomously when device hangs.
The idea is: use backlight option for all LEDs (8 pieces), set LEDs to maximum brightness (with fade-in time 0s) and immediately set brightness level it to minimum with fade-out time set to 1.75s. After short period of time (not yet defined), repeat both steps (set to max, followed by set to min, followed by short delay). So it will be like kicking this kind of watch dog. If not kicked, all LEDs will go off on their own indicating user that device hanged.

Unfortunately it seems that the brightness level cannot be changed during transition time defined by fade-out. Can you please confirm that this is behavior of ADP8866?



PS: I am aware that if device will hang in the period of "max" - "min" setting, it will not work as I need (LEDs may stay on if device will hang).