Looking for advice about Digital Rheostat (AD5175)


-hopefully this is the correct place for this-

I'm currently working on a project that, theoretically, uses a digital rheostat to control current passing to LEDs.  For our circuit design, I plan to have anywhere from ~0mA to upwards of 1A - with typical operating range of ~50mA to 600mA.

I originally opted to use the AD5175 for this purpose; however, upon receiving the product, I became concerned about how much current/voltage we can pass through them - as I honestly didn't expect it to be so small (teaches me to read sizes of my purchases closer).

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on what the AD5175 can handle, as I find it difficult to find this information on the data sheet, or a better digital rheostat to use?

Thank you for your time.

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