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LT3420 transformer phasing

Using the LT3420 with the Pulse PA0367A transformer

Should the connections be as follows:

PA0367A   LT3420

Pin 2          Pin 2 VBAT

Pin 3         Pin 6 SW

Pin 4         HV Out

Pin 1         Pin 7 SEC



  • Hi Pavel,

    Sorry for late reply. You may have gotten answer separately from one of ADI FAE's. I will post answer here. So LT3420 is used on a flyback topology.  You need to be aware of the location of the transformer start of each windings indicated as dots in the schematic. In a way, please follow the typical schematic in datasheet. Pin 2 of transformer with dot should be to SW pin of LT3420. Correct on the secondary side: Pin 4 of transformer should be to the output diode of flyback or HV Out in your language. Thanks!