Reducing EMI with shielding

I am trying to isolate my AD7794 converter from my microprocessor using the ADUM5010 and ADUM1311 isolators. The isolators would be placed on a separate board, which would be linked via a flat cable to the processor board and ADC board. This way I can easily implement both the isolated and non isolated solution just by replacing the connection cable.

Since my application is in an EMI sensitive environment, I have some concerns about this. Besides standard PCB design measures, I am considering implementing some simple form of shielding, which is very briefly mentioned in the application notes. My questions are:

- is wrapping the isolation board with conductive tape a good idea?

- if I use a metal case, should it be feromagnetic, or is copper also fine?

- should I ground the shield? If yes, should I ground it to primary or isolated ground?

- if I implement shielding, would this compensate for the drawbacks of using a double layer PCB?

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