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ADP3339s in Parallel

Hi all,

The data sheet sheet for the ADP3339 states the the values for the divider resistors, R1 and R2 are chosen to produce a temperature stable output.

Should I not place several ADP3339's in parallel for this reason?

The data sheet also says the stability of the LDO is a function of the output capacitor. Is there any reason I should make a change to my output capacitor with parallel ADP3339's?

I'm trying to compensate for a design flaw(not my own), the problem appears to be due the regulators load. Based on the network(4 AD9230's and a 1.8V port on a Xilinx EEPROM I would expect the regulators output current to be around 1A. However, with all ADC's connected the 1.8V output drops to around 1.2V.

After doing some more investigating it appears that the output of the ADP3339 is not connected to a copper pour...

With 3 ADP3339's in parallel(stacked) the output is stable at 1.8V for >20s<1m before it drops.

Any advice regarding troubleshooting or suggestions would be very much appreciated.