PCB Current sense Layout in Boost


I notice in PCB Layout Debugging. Boost converter Datasheet like LTC3787 and LTC3784. It has the following statement in every boost converter:

Might I know what is the "improper hook-up" meaning? Do it mean current sensing leads polarity reverse (sense+ and sense-)?

To verify, I simulate the boost converter current sense with reverse sense+- polarity connection, or short the current resistor.

But the output voltage does not maintain like datasheet describe.

Appreciate your help in advance.

Thank you.


  • Hi Mark,

    The statement means that the SENSE pins must be connected correctly. If the pins are swapped (connected incorrectly) the current mode operation will be defeated and converter will not operate correctly. The SENSE+ should connect to VIN side of current sense resistor.

    About LTspice, can you share simulation file so we can help take a look?