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ADP5585 configuration of Registers

Hello Friends,I  start using this IC of ADP5585 recently,and now I don't know how to use it.I want to use it as a matrix keyboard,and the problem that I meet is I don't know how to configure the relevant registers. In other words,what can I do to make it work well?Thank you!

  • Hello Ryan,

    Thank you! I have configured ADP5585 as a keyboard matrix of 4*4.I want to use the interrupt of ADP5585,and I configured the 0x38(0F)、0x39(0F)、0x3B(C2) and 0x3C(01).But I press one of the keyboard,it will generate a interrupt and the INT pin remains low until you configure 0x3C(00).I don't know whether this situation is right or not. And I mustn't configure the registers about RESET,as I won't use the RST function of ADP5585.I want to know if some other registers must be configured.Thank you!

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  • I have configured registers properly. How do read register 0x03 (1 byte) through com port?

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