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How to reset the sequencing engine (ADM1063)?


I  work on a project which includes basically a micro controller system and ADM1063 sequencing device. These two devices are connected by an i2c bus.

My aim is to reset the sequencing engine of the ADM1063 while the system is running. Just turning off the power of the entire system is not an option for me as there is a linux OS running on the micro controller.

With reference to the data sheet AN-698 there should be a possibility to restart the sequencing engine from the reserved state writing 0x01 to the SEDOWNLD register. However, I could not make this work.

These are the commands I send to the ADM1063:

Write 0x27 to UNLOCKSE (0xDA)

Write 0x10 to UNLOCKSE (0xDA)

Write 0x01 to SEDOWNLD (0xDB) 

What am I doing wrongly?

Kind regards,