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ADP2108 Quiescent Current Question

Dear All:

I tested ADP2108-3.3-EVALZ and ADP2108UJ-3.3-EVALZ Evaluation Board to found if Vin=3.43V/Vout:Non-load now quiescent current is 3.4mA,but Vin=3.65V/Vout:Non-load quiescent current is 41uA, Why is there such as situation? It's the IC's character? can you provide suggestion to me? thanks

I needs: (A):uA quiescent current, (B):High power efficiency, (C):Vin:3.4V/Iout=500mA then Vout need keep 3.2V (Before I tested ADP2370 Fail) ,I actually test TI TPS62291 there can meet my requirements.

Test platform building:

Test Case 1:Vin=3.43V, Vout:Non-load, DSO display: L1(Suspected PWM Mode), Test Result:Vin quiescent current = 3.404mA

Test Case 2:Vin=3.65V, Vout:Non-load, DSO display: L1, Test Result:Vin quiescent current = 41uA

Best Regards,

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