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LTC4091: What's a quiescent current value?

Dear All,

I didn't find LTC4091 total quiescent current value (internal current consumption from Vin to GND) for unloaded LTC4091 when Li-Ion Battery charging is disabled /pin TIMER is connected to GND/.

How this value can be evaluated from LTC4091 spec/datasheet? I can't define it.

Could anybody help to clarify this issue?

Sincerely yours with the best regards
Alex Shekhtman

  • A search in the datasheet yields these two pieces of information.


    The first item specifies quiescent current when RUN/SS is less than 0.2V, but I do not believe this is exactly the information you are looking for.

    The second item specifies the typical current sourced by the TIMER pin when it is grounded, but it is does not specify the current at Vin.  It is safe to assume the ICHG,SD current must be included in any current at Vin.

    I will try to identify the IC designer for this project and see whether any further information is available.

  • Hi,

    Quiescent current request above is still relevant for accurate definition of my application spec. So I look forward to your quick reply.

    Moreover I didn't find LTC4091 symbol in the latest LTspiceXVII Macro model simulation's library. Do you suppose to update the library by this symbol?



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