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Watchdog timeout of ADM696

Dear Sir/Madam,


We are evaluating ADM696ARZ for PCIe board.


We have questions about Reset Pulse Width and Watchdog Timeout.


We would like to use this device at Vcc=3.3V and internal osc.(OSC SEL and OSC IN is both floating).

However,our result is below.

  Vcc        Watchdog timeout(s)                 Reset Active Period(s)


5V               1.96                                             59.6msec  -> within specication

4V               3.48                                           114msec     -> out of specication?

3.3V            7.64                                           238msec    -> out of specication?


Is our evaluation result correct?.

If correct,do you have idea that how to use this device at Vcc=3.3V.


Thank you.


Sincerely yours,



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